Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have pellets or solar crystals?

While we have access to both pellets and crystals, we strongly support the use of solar crystals, the cleanest and purest water softener salt available on the market! Every technician we’ve consulted with says to avoid pellets.  Here’s why: while salt pellets are made from evaporated salt, which is technically the purest form of salt available, in order to transform the salt into pellets or blocks, a bonding agent must be added. The bonding agent is basically glue, which makes pellets less likely to dissolve and more likely to cause a clumping mess. So don’t be fooled by paying an extra cost for pellets or blocks! If you already have pellets in your machine, you can put our crystals right on top, and it will all cycle through. If you are still convinced pellets are the best way to go, simply add your request to the comments section upon sign up. 

So you say your salt is the purest- how pure and how does it compare? 

Minnesota Salt Co. Water Softener Crystals are 99.7%

Not only do we have a higher percentage of purity, but what really sets us apart from other brands that bag their salt is that we personally inspect each and every batch of salt to make sure it is the highest quality going out to our customers. Who knows what’s hiding in those salt bags from the other guys!

Do you carry any “Rust Out” or “Iron Defense” products?

No, we don’t- what the other brands don’t want you to know is that all they do is add citric acid to a batch of regular salt and then charge $2-3 more (per bag!).  And the worst part is that it’s unknown whether this actually has an impact on your water or water softener.  Water is softened through an ion exchange between sodium and magnesium/calcium = that’s it.  Feel free to add whatever products you want to your tank to increase its longevity, but as far as softening hard water, just keep it simple with the purest salt available!  If you can taste iron in your water, there are filtration options that work better instead. This all applies to well water “as well.” See what we did there?

Do the crystals dissolve faster than the pellets?

No, but great question!  When people switch from pellets to crystals, they often notice that their tank doesn’t seem as full right away.  What they are seeing is a result of the difference in bulk density between the two types of salt- the closer the crystals pack together, the less volume they occupy, giving rise to the perception that the salt is dissolving faster.  However, salt can only dissolve to the extent that it produces a saturated brine (26.4% by weight), regardless of what type of salt is used.  When the brine is saturated with respect to salt, no more salt can dissolve.  Therefore, salt usage is the same regardless of the type or form of salt that is used.  That was a long way of saying: 40 pounds of salt is 40 pounds of salt!   

What if I need a lot of salt right away (say, 120 lbs) and then only 40 lbs a month after that to keep it topped off?

Great question! (and a very common scenario). A lot of people, like us, have neglected their salt tank for years. Therefore, we needed a fresh fill up right away to get our levels right. After that, we were able to simply add 40 lbs a month to maintain that level. There are 3 of us in our house. If this sounds like your situation, you would simply sign up for whatever you think you need initially (80 or 120), then send us an email after your first fill indicating you would like to reduce the monthly amount delivered to 40 lbs. Or, simply put that in the comments section when you sign up. Easy!

Does salt ever get into your drinking water?

No, it does not. Salt (or Sodium Chloride’s) sole purpose in your water softener is to regenerate the resin beads that actually take the hardness out of your water. Simple Ion exhange.  This exchange does not make your water taste salty or significantly increase your sodium intake.

Do you service the machines?

No, we do not. While we have extensive knowledge of the process and the ins and outs of water conditioning, we chose to stick to just salt; the food source for your machines if you will:)  Please send us a message and we would be happy to point you in the direction of a trusted service business in your area.

What if my Salt Day falls on a holiday?

No worries, on major holidays we will send you a text indicating that your Salt Day will be moved to either the day before or after the holiday.

What if I am not home, but I want you to fill my tank (Full Service)?

No problem at all – If no one is home during the day to let us in, please leave instructions for entering the premises in the comment section when you sign up (i.e., garage door code, back door is unlocked, etc.). Keep in mind we always text you the day before for any last minute clarications or instructions for delivery/filling.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, there is no contractual period or continuing obligation. Simply send us an email, and we will remove you from our route. We just ask that you place your containers out for us to pick up following your last scheduled salt day. However, if you are not 100% satisfied, we would love the opportunity to make things right, so please reach out to us before deciding to cancel.

What if I forget to put out my bucket(s)?

Not a big deal, we get it! We will still deliver to you on your Salt Day. If we go another month without seeing a bucket to exchange, we will send you an email. And if you start collecting our containers every month after that, we may have to make a house call to see what you have been using them for 🙂

How much salt does a family, or a person, typically need each month?

The best answer is “it depends.” Most families with an updated energy efficient water softener typically go through 40-80 pounds per month. Other larger families go through 80-120 pounds per month. Single households or empty nesters may only need 40 pounds a month. Other factors include the age and type of water softener, appliance usage, if your sprinkler system runs through your main water line, etc. However, after a few months in our program, we think you will be able to find the “sweet spot” for the amount of salt you need each month.

Can I change the amount of salt I get every month?

Absolutely! You may contact us at any time to adjust the amount of salt you want delivered to your door or to your tank. We understand that it may take a couple months to figure out how much salt you actually need per month. A lot of our customers who head south for the winter only need a limited amount delivered while they’re gone or have their service temporarily suspended. And families with kids home from college for the summer also tend to go through more salt in the summer months, go figure!

Is there such thing as too much salt in my water softener?

Yes, too much salt can cause salt bridging or a buildup and solidification of regenerant. We recommend always keeping your brine tank at least one quarter full of salt but no more than six inches below the top of the brine tank.

What if I need more than 120 lbs/mo.?

No problem at all. Every additional 40 lbs will be only $8.99 still!