About Us

Hi there,

I’m Jeremy, your neighborhood “Salt Guy” and creator of Minnesota Salt Co. My wife, Ana, and I have an amazing daughter, Harper, and we’re all grateful to call Carver County our home. We’ve lived in Chaska for nearly a decade, and we love our neighbors and community!

The idea of Minnesota Salt Co. was simply a result of our ongoing frustrations with bags of water softener salt. We were surprised that the service didn’t exist, so we created it! It’s environmentally friendly, super convenient, and affordable. We, and hopefully you, never have to worry about running out of water softener salt or dealing with those annoying bags of salt again!

We’re obviously passionate about this service and product, and we so appreciate our customers. If you ever have any comments or suggestions for improvement, please contact us. We are always striving to do better, so we truly appreciate any comments, good, bad, or otherwise that you might have.

Thank you,
Jeremy & Ana Kaschinske
Minnesota Salt Co.

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